Have you ever worked so hard on something, to find, at the end of the day you have nothing more to give? Well, this is the very place that I found myself after completing this book. I gave everything I had to achieve what I felt was my God given call in this season. The long days and nights were worth every moment, especially because I know that God is using this book to reach the hearts of so many people.

On this journey recently I discovered my tendency to put a cap on God. It reminds me of the story in 2 Kings 4 when the widow went looking for the prophet Elisha after her husband died. All she had was a small jar of olive oil. She obeyed what the prophet asked her to do by collecting jars from all her neighbors and not just a few. The Lord turned that what was once a small amount of olive oil into enough to fill all the empty jars that she gathered.

I can not help but think what would happen if she ran out of jars earlier? What would it look like for her to only make the time or look crazy enough to ask just one neighbor instead of all her neighbors? This scripture for me is a reminder that God will pour out in places that are open an available. I am sure that if she had found 100 more the oil would have continued, but it was at the point in which she ran out of jars that the oil stopped flowing.

I have to ask myself, how many jars have I collected? The jar that is the most important to God is my heart and my prayer is that it would remain open to receive all that God wants to pour into me and you!
Book release day and I am questioning everything. This is the first time that I truly challenged myself to go ALL IN!! Beyond my usual level of comfort, which consists of working hard in the areas that I am strong in like business development and strategic planning. On one hand, it all came at such a high price financially, emotionally and spiritually. On the other hand, I have been blessed beyond measure. I just wonder what the Lord will do with my obedience! I guess we will have to wait and see. 

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