Matthew 22:14 - "Many are Called, but few are chosen."

Lahoma spends a great majority of her time empowering others to reach their full potential. She started a non-profit organization, All Called which connects like minded individuals to help them passionately pursue the purpose for which they were created.ll Called was created to uncover what happens when people, with the same feeling of being created for more than just the everyday and average get together to do something about it. All Called has discovered the great epics that happen when people focus on what they can do and the skills they possess.
All Called was created to empower, support, and propel individuals to live out their dream. Our mission is to challenge leaders to fulfill their God birthed destinies using gifts, talents, experience and knowledge under the leadership of Christ.

All Called ministries is created and charged with the mission to propel leaders into all that God has called them to do. All Called is structured in a way that allows individuals to maximize their potential requiring that every member collaboratively contribute to the individual cause of a person. Members make the decisions as to the execution strategy necessary to see the vision and purpose of the individual and/or ministry fulfilled.

All Called was organized as a nonprofit organization on February 26, 2009. Since its beginning, All Called has assisted with a variety of organizations with seeing their hearts purpose come to fruition. After an organization is started it becomes a subsidiary of All Called until it becomes a self sufficient organization. The current subsidiaries are Mentor A Child, Bodies for Christ, Lions for Christ and Hang Out Austin.

The objective of the organization is to empower and propel people to live out their dream. Challenging leaders to fulfill the destiny created before the start of time. The foundation for All Called is the bible. The beliefs that we hold, align and correlate with God’s word therefore we have hope that we are the chosen generation created to do great works in advance. 

All Called plans to expand the organization by developing its members in such a way that they may take their experience and knowledge to empower and challenge others to do the same thing.

The foundation for All Called is the word of God. The beliefs that we hold true align and correlate with God's truth. Our hope lies in the truth that we are a chosen generation and we were created to do great works in advance 
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